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On the 6th March 2019 the Convenzis group will be hosting a 1-day conference that will focus on the how the NHS are planning to build a happy and healthy workforce and the tools at their disposal to help drive this strategy.

Lack of funding and a huge staff shortfall has created a perfect storm within the NHS, the number of vacancies is at record high in England as underlying deficit of £4.3bn has been revealed but with the recent annual budget review and news of a £20bn investment into the NHS over the next 5 years, we should see these statistics fall, NHS leaders are poised to publish their blueprint of how the health service can adapt to the next 10 years with help of this recent funding injection.

“The NHS is one of our country’s finest achievements. As outlined in the NHS Constitution it belongs to, and is a source of pride to, the people”

Topics our conference will address:

  • Transforming Care Programme
  • Change & Innovation
  • Better use of workforce Tech
  • ESR – Workforce Solution for the NHS
  • Staff Nursing and Workforce Quality management
  • The Recruitment Challenge – An Alternative Solution
  • The health and care strategy


Mar 06 2019


8:30 am - 3:45 pm

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11 Portland St, Manchester, M1 3HU
11 Portland St, Manchester, M1 3HU
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