Our vision is to ‘Inspire NHS Charities to be the Nation’s biggest independent supporters of health and well-being.’

Back in 2000, the largest NHS charities created an informal group called The Association of NHS Charities, which came together to provide mutual support and a forum for discussion. The Association grew steadily and registered as a Charity in 2008.

In 2019 we rebranded to NHS Charities Together, representing the united and collective experience of the NHS’ diverse charities. We represent NHS charities across the UK and welcome charities both large and small from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Our Mission is: To support the development of NHS Charity members, enabling them to become high functioning charities:

• add great value to their associated NHS Trust(s), its patients and staff as well as their wider communities

• be recognised by their Trust as a major strategic partner

To achieve this NHS Charities Together has five strategic objectives:

• To be the number one source of support and development for NHS Charities, promoting charity best practice, fostering mutual support and discussing matters of mutual interest

• To be the authoritative voice for NHS Charities representing members’ views to key stakeholders and where possible to collaborate with them in pursuit of NHS Charities Together’s vision

• To promote the profile of NHS Charities nationally

• To ensure NHS Charities Together is a financially sustainable organisation that develops its staff, ensuring it has the right skills and resources to achieve its 5-year strategy

• To demonstrate the impact of NHS Charities Together and of our members