Covid-19 Appeal Grants Awarded

Thanks to generous donations to our national Covid-19 Appeal, we have been able to distribute substantial grants to our member NHS charities to support staff, patients and volunteers through the immediate and long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds have been issued in stages to all our members, of which there are more than 235 in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They support Trusts and Health Boards across hospital, ambulance, community and mental health services.

Stage 1 Grants:

  • Distribution 1: Initial grant of £35,000 to all members
  • Distribution 2: Grants based on £7 per staff member in the NHS trust or trusts each of its member charities supports
  • Distribution 3: Grants of £50,000 for members requesting additional support

Stage 2 Grants:

To date, we have awarded £5,280,325 in Stage 2 grants to NHS charities which applied for this additional funding for community partnerships. Details of Stage 2 grant awards to regional NHS charity groups will be published on this page.

Stage 3 Grants:

To date, we have awarded £12, 281,059 in recovery grants to NHS charities which applied for this additional funding to support the long-term recovery of the NHS. Details of the Stage 3 grants awarded will also be published on this page.

Ambulance trust charities:

We have allocated £7million in funding for ambulance trust charities to support community first responders and other volunteers to help ease pressures on ambulance services.

These funds are making a positive difference at the frontline of the NHS. For details of the grants awarded to each member charity so far, please see the information listed below.